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How does DMXReady CMS Suite compare to Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal ?

DMXReady CMS Suite
Installation Easiest - just upload! Fairly easy, but sometimes there are problems configuring the wp-config.php file Some technical expertise required Fairly easy
Database Pre-built - no configuration required Have to configure (some hosting packages allow easy configurations) Have to configure Have to configure
Ease-of-Use Easy - tool tips available at every step plus full documentation Fairly easy Technical Fairly easy
Administration Easy through one centralized dashboard and built-in WYSIWYG editors and code editors for advanced customization Fairly easy Technical Fairly easy
Adding Plug-Ins Already built in and ready to manage PLUS you have the ability to add in many of your own apps or other DMXReady v1 applications (full documentation included) Easy, though third-party apps can cause problems with functionality; no standards regulation Flexible, but technical Not as easy as WordPress
SEO Friendly? Yes - use either "reader-friendly" URLs or spider-friendly URLs Yes Yes Yes
Selection of skins/templates/themes? Built-in options plus the ability to take any template turn it into a DMXReady CMS v2 Suite template (full documentation included) Excellent Good Very good
WYSIWYG Editors? Yes - for design, plus built-in code editors Yes Yes Yes
Server/Programming Language ASP (Windows) PHP PHP PHP
Ecommerce? Yes - automatically integrates with your PayPal Merchant account Yes - setup required Yes - setup required Yes - setup required
Time to install? Fast - download, extract, upload - database is already built-in Fairly fast - about 30 minutes including database setup Fairly fast - not including database setup Fairly fast - not including database setup
When to use? Small to medium websites, esp. for companies who prefer to use Windows-based servers. Little expertise required to use/skin; technical expertise varies for complex customization Small to medium websites - some technical experience required Large, complex websites - technical expertise required Medium websites - technical expertise required
Customizable? Yes - great documentation that covers many customization projects, with resources for many more. Many customers say they've learned programming simply by customizing DMXReady applications. Yes - requires some technical expertise Yes - requires technical expertise Yes - requires technical expertise

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