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How do I Customize CMS Suite?

Web Design Your Way!

DMXReady provides web owners, designers, and developers the web software they need to build custom website solutions, and the resources needed to learn how to build it themselves. In fact you'll find a whole library of information and links to other resources to help you customize your applications to your heart's content!

Here is a basic overview or road map of the customization process:

Tools of the Trade

Depending on your level of customization (basic or advanced), you'll need one or all of the following:

  • CMS Designer Tools- Included inside CMS Suite Control Panel
  • 3rd-Party HTML Editor to edit the files (Dreamweaver, Notepad++ , Front Page, Coffee Cup, Silverlight, IE, Firefox etc.)
  • FTP Client to publish files to your server - FileZilla, BulletFTP, CuteFTP, Dreamweaver, Net2FTP or other FTP client.
  • Database Admin Tool - If you want to edit the database directly, use tools like: MSAccess, Navicat, PHPMyAdmin etc. - check with your webhost for additional tools.
  • Templates/Themes/Graphics - Get ready made professional templates you can customize from developers like, WooThemes and Artistica

Customization is the Spirit of DMXReady

From the start, DMXReady has set out to provide web designers and owners with dynamic website applications that are easy to use right out of the box, and fully customizable. That is the goal we still set ourselves today. Customization is always a learning process, but we hope that with your ingenuity and these resources, you'll get the most from your DMXReady applications

Customize the Content

Once you have installed your website, most people will find it easiest to add or edit content (text, graphics, images, video, etc.) directly through the built-in Admin pages. You can find these inside your Admin Control Panel

  • Create new pages, cut and paste text, upload images and media, and more. You do not need any special tools - you can make all your content changes through a standard web browser like Internet Explorer.

  • Use the "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor to add content. Changes immediately take effect when you hit the "Save" button.

  • Note: The DMXReady CMS v2 Suite automatically defaults to the DMXReady CMS v2 Control Panel. To add content to one of the plug-in applications like Catalog Manager, select the application from the Dashboard and add/edit content from that application's Control Panel.

  • More information about adding content can be found directly in the DMXReady CMS v2 Suite by hovering over the tool tip.

  • Basic steps:
    • Create page
    • Add content using WYSIWYG editor
    • Designate "top level" page or choose a parent page
    • Add Meta tags
    • Save page

Customize Using Dreamweaver

One of DMXReady CMS v2 Suite's main benefits is that you do not need to use Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor if you choose not to - built-in code editors allow you to do it all through your web browser.

However Dreamweaver is a very powerful tool, and some designers may prefer to create/design content in Dreamweaver and then transfer to DMXReady CMS v2 Suite. You can do this either using Design View or Code View.

Customize Site Design/Template

DMXReady CMS v2 Suite comes with its own default design. However, there are several ways to personalize you design.

Change Built-In Skin - Go to Site Setup > Designer Tools in the Control Panel and select a new skin from the pull-down menu.

Modify CSS Code - Go to Site Setup > Designer Tools in the Control Panel and open the CSS editor. (Find out more about CSS here:

Use a Built-In Template - Go to Site Setup > Designer Tools in the Control Panel and click on the "Manage 3rd-Party Themes/Templates" tab. Follow the instructions in the tool tips.

Purchase or Use Your Own Template - "Skin" your template yourself.

Customize Preferences

Sometimes customization is as simple as "flipping a few switches"! Go to Site Setup > Preferences in your Dashboard ( to do the following.

  • Register Your Application
  • Brand Your Website (favicon, logo, sitename, reader-friendly URL)
  • Choose Email Support (CDOSYS, CDONTS)
  • Change Page Link Labels (Pages, Project, etc.)
  • Set Your Display Settings (Breadcrumbs, Search Box, Page Tool Items)
  • Create Your Footer Content (Using WYSIWYG editor or code view)

Customize ASP Code

Really, the sky's the limit when it comes to customizing the ASP code. You can take your DMXReady applications and literally modify every line of code if you like to give you exactly the functionality you need.
There are thousands of resources on how to customize ASP (VBScript) all over the Internet - including many tutorials, documents, FAQs, blog posts, and more right here on the DMXReady website. You can learn more by searching for "ASP" either on this website or "Classic ASP" through Google or your favorite search engine.
Here is a sample of some of the things you can do when you start customizing code:

  • Create cookies in ASP
  • Secure your Admin pages
  • Format currency and date based on regional preferences
  • Add different email options
  • Format data display; for example, name, address, contact info
  • Set up an ASP server on your own computer
  • Modify the site-wide search to look in specific fields

Customize Your Database

Customizing your database, like modifying the code as described above, gives you many more options when it comes to adapting and tailoring your website to your needs. Again, the possibilities are endless - as are the online resources to help you do them. Here are a few ideas for you:

Additional Tips, Tricks & Other Resources

  • Don't be afraid to explore and experiment - Create backups of your original Zip files so if you make a wrong turn simply restore the original files and start again. By simply keeping a back-up copy of your original files, you will never make an irreversible mistake.
  • Take advantage of DMXReady's resources - We've spent years compiling tips and tricks, especially those specific to DMXReady applications.
  • Familiarize yourself with the power of Dreamweaver or other HTML editor- Refer to your Dreamweaver (or other HTML editor) "Help" documentation and "Getting Started" tutorials found inside your Dreamweaver application (click on the "help" menu). This is a great resource for learning how to build database applications like those built by DMXReady.
  • Use Existing Online Resources to learn about web design - There are many resources available on the Internet to help you including the Adobe Dreamweaver Support Center and literally thousands of web pages with free advice on ASP, MSAccess and HTML design.
  • Search Google - If you are stuck on a specific problem, search Google for a solution using terms that best describe your problem - you will find answers to issues already posted by other web designers. Learn how.
  • DMXReady CMS Suite knowledgebase - There are a number of easy to follow knowledgebase articles that offer specific tips and help about features contained within the application like how to use the WYSIWYG editor, database security, and more. This is always the first place you should look for insight into customizing your DMXReady application.
  • DIY with Hire Professional Help - There are 1000's of freelance programmers, designers, coders, webmasters willing and able to help you customize your DMXReady app to your exact specifications. Here are a few websites offering a quick and easy way to hire professional help.
  • DMXReady v1 app Library - Before you make that modification, check to see if it's already been done in the DMXReady Accessory Library. Here we add snippets that extend the functionality of your applications, add new features, or make the application work in a different way. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • DMXReady ASP Garage Blog - This blog covers a number of different topics from ASP programming and customization to general web design tips and news items affecting web designers and web owners today. Features a searchable index so you can find the information you need by keywords, category, and date.
  • DMXReady Support Desk - There are times when you might not quite understand how your DMXReady application is supposed to work. You can always send a Support Ticket to the DMXReady team with your questions about your apps or accessories. Please note: we cannot offer support for your own customization efforts - that's debugging, and that's a whole other kettle of fish. (See our Customization Support Policy above.). But if you have a question about the functionality of your application out of the box, or how a certain feature works, send us your question.

DMXReady Customization Support Policy

There is a certain joy and freedom that comes with doing it yourself. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to go out onto that wire and cross to the other side without a safety net.

Except that with DMXReady, you do have a safety net. Here's how you can find professional help for your application for everything from modifying the Classic ASP (VBScript) to design work, database work, and more.

DMXReady also offers emergency service (contact us for availability) for companies who are really stuck, and really need it done now.

But for most people, the DIY approach is a good way to save money, learn new skills, and accomplish something not everyone can do: create their own website and interactive web-based solutions.

You + DMXReady = Great Websites!

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